By owning your power and using less, you can make a difference for the environment, and own an investment that beats the stock market by a comfortable margin.

Residential Solar Power

Slingshot’s residential solar power can help you start putting money back in your wallet with our holistic approach to energy. We’re not just focused on selling you a product. We want to show you a smarter way of living. Are you ready to launch your clean energy future?

Our Energy Ambassadors will start with a free energy assessment to identify how best to maximize your savings. Our premier products are at the lowest net cost, paired with a quality service team will guarantee an experience that will shine with our residential solar power installation.

We can install solar energy panels on almost any roof or slope. You may first want to consult with a roofing company similar to 99Roofers to ensure your roof is in good condition to bear panels. Roofs can wear down over time and one that hasn’t been inspected in over 10 years may not be able to bear the extra weight of solar panels. Therefore it’s important to make sure your roof is repaired and in the best condition so that you can enter your clean energy future with confidence.

A total energy solution can pay for itself within 5 years, giving you 20 years of free energy. This will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the system! And not only would you get great looking solar panel installations, you’ll also find it provides you with attractive financing options to allow you the flexibility to own your power in a way that fits your budget and needs.

Group Buy Discounts

For every home that goes solar, that’s another step in the right direction. When ten homes go solar, it launches a movement. In every use of even a 200 watt solar panel, change is made. The more households that we can get to install even a small amount of solar paneling – the better.

At Slingshot Power, we believe in owning your residential solar power.

Why wait for the gridlock in Washington to get us moving in the right direction, or for big, slow corporations to get on board? We have the power to make a difference.

With our residential group buy program, you and your neighbors can make a bold statement about your energy future, AND get unmatched pricing. Our group buys have made going solar even easier, and make a bigger impact.

We work with neighborhoods, congregations, community groups and anyone interested in making a change in their energy future.