The use of free abundant sunlight to power our lives is simply smart. Equally smart is the use of only the highest quality components and highest skilled workers to assure reliable lifetime production. Combining very aggressive pricing and extraordinary service that is prompt and professional provides an enduring positive customer experience and acts as a catalyst to the next wave of adoption. This winning formula is the power behind Slingshot Power.

Fastest Payback means more resources for our customer’s family enrichment or business expansion. Our pricing is based on lowest-price-for-all that will sustain the business with high service levels, assure fair worker compensation and accelerate clean energy adoption across communities. All customers are offered upfront discounts for groups and/or cash purchases. As well, referrals are the primary source of new business and each is rewarded with direct cash payments. Our Energy analysis for each project calculates the maximum savings potential comparing product options, sizing options and overall project layout. Our expedited installation process delivers superior total savings on all projects compared with lengthy and frustrating delays that characterize many clean energy projects. We are committed to overall clean energy adoption driven primarily through lower energy costs, typically over 65% savings each year.

Easiest Service means each interaction should deliver clear insight and information. We appreciate the opportunity engage with customers wanting to utilize clean energy to advance personal and business goals. Our Product options include only the most durable, resilient and highly-efficient components. Our Financing options facilitate maximum return on investment, net of all costs on a Net Present Value basis. Our Project plans expedite each step to accelerate returns and minimize potential disruptions, including Next Week scheduling for residential customers. In all situations, customers receive prompt and professional service, no jargon or sales pressure and we encourage access to CEO and/or our most senior manager. We are hands-on each day.

Best Products protects our customers from rising energy costs, energy production disruptions and local pollution effects. All projects have long-term Warranty protections including Roof, Workmanship, Product, Production and overall 100% Satisfaction, most extending 25 Years. We are Partners with only the most Trusted and reliable manufacturers in clean energy to maximize the protections to each customer, including Panasonic, SunPower, Solar Edge, Iron Ridge, Everest and QuickMount. Our dedicated Service team has a same day mandate to respond and remediate any production issue. As well, we provide replacement units from our inventory to provide recovery before a component has been processed for Warranty to shield our customers from delay. Our combined top quality products and responsive service investments provide the highest level of investment security in the industry.