For most hotels, Energy is an overhead expense.

Turning on computers, copiers, even the lights, is money taken out of the bottom line.

Why not turn this model on its head?

An investment in an energy solution from Slingshot Power lowers your overhead while raising your Green profile.

Smart businesses operate by looking at the big picture. So we offer holistic solutions to energy to maximize your company’s potential.

  • We begin with a free energy consultation to identify your needs. We tackle all aspects of your energy profile.
  • Help your employees be more green by allowing them to charge their EVs onsite and reduce your carbon footprint beyond your office!
  • Your usage will be offset through sustainable generation from our top of the line Solar PV systems. By generating your own power, you can eliminate the most expensive portion of your utility bill and fix your energy costs for the next 25 years.

An investment in your energy infrastructure not only demonstrates your company cares about its social and environmental responsibilities; it also puts you on better financial footing by reducing costs. Attractive financing options ensure that not only will your system meet your needs, but the price will as well.

Customer Testimonials – Alliance Residential / Stanford University