Consumers are spending with a ‘green’ conscience. A 2017 survey on Travel Agent Central shows that 65% of travelers plan to make eco-friendly choices when booking hotels. Half say they would spend extra to stay at an environmentally friendly hotel. Having a ‘green business’ is more than just a savings tactic for overhead costs. Sustainability is one trend that will not lose momentum in the slightest bit. This means a green business will equal much higher profits than its counterparts. Businesses should be willing to learn about sustainability certification as well as other ways to be more sustainable in order to keep up with current trends and make their business the best it can be.

Many large corporations are thinking twice about booking their employees at just any hotel. According to the LA Times, many corporate travel managers insist employees do their part to improve the environment. This shift in corporate consciousness is an example of how ‘business as usual’ is no longer acceptable with the negative environmental impacts we have already started to see unfold. Founder of the Houston based Green Hotel Association describes it well, “Best thing hotels can do is say ‘Look at what we are doing’ (to help the environment)”.

So what exactly does it mean to be a ‘Green Business’? For starters, reducing the waste your business produces is a good start. This could be as easy as using cardboard balers supplied by phs Wastekit. Furthermore, there is a direct correlation between ‘Greening’ your business and seeing massive returns and savings. As a hotel owner, one of the biggest overhead costs is energy. An investment in solar will offset those energy costs by up to 80% for the 25 year lifespan as well as put the green business profile on the map for customers. Today, solar panels are more efficient and accessible than ever before. In addition to those methods, business owners could also consider looking at some of these energy-efficient tips here. That should help them to achieve cheaper energy bills. Methods like that can make a business, or homeowner, more eco-friendly.

Furthermore, businesses could extend their energy-efficient efforts by including more IoT technology within their business. Websites like show how occupancy sensors use infrared technology to make things like lights in the building become motion-sensor rather than being an on/off system. This makes it so they are not using more energy than they need to be at any given time, say if people were on lunch breaks or not many people were in the office at the time.

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